Job Type: Full Time /National Tour
Experience: Deep wireless technology knowledge and expertise
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Location: Nationwide Tour

Aardvark Event Logistics is producing the Future of Wireless Roadshow for our customer T-Mobile. The Future of Wireless Roadshow is a cutting-edge mobile showroom packed full of demo’s and interactive displays that show off the latest wireless tech including LTE-Advanced, 5G, IoT, connected drones, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) and more at various events and locations across the country.

The experience takes the benefits of 5G and brings them to life with real world demonstrations and hands on interactive experiences. Visitors will better envision a world where everything is connected, where drones go from novelty to necessity and where smart cities become safer, cleaner and more efficient. The Tech Experience Truck is modeled after T-Mobile’s Tech Experience, an interactive lab in the same building engineers develop, refine and introduce next generation wireless technologies.


At events and locations across the country, you will host business leaders, government officials, educators and general visitors onboard the truck. You will clearly explain and articulate the technology behind the various interactives to engineers and novices alike. You will be working with a team of producers as well as engineers to deliver a best in class experience for all who come onboard. You will also be responsible for assisting the team with the setup and strike of the event set.

Required Skills:
● A deep understanding of wireless technology
● 5+ years of relevant wireless or engineering work experience
● Familiarity relating to CDMA, GSM, UMTS, LTE and 5G technologies
● A high level of commitment to work hard, both indoors and outdoors, over 10 consecutive   months all across the US to set up,  execute and break down a one of a kind mobile tech experience
● Ability to travel 100% of the time
● Great personality, loves people, enjoy traveling
● A very friendly people person who has the ability to clearly and credibly explain wireless technology and its application to our daily lives
● All expenses paid by Aardvark
● Bachelor's degree preferred, but not necessary